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27 décembre 2013

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                Yesterday, the 30th june 2001, a amazing event took place in New York. A superhero is appeared in 5th avenue.
   He wore an yellow mask, a black cape and a black combat dress with one yellow letter: »J ». This superhero was seen stopping robbers after their hold-up. A witness relate us the scene: « I left a store locate in front of the bank HSBC when I saw three robbers went out this bank. Suddenly, the superheros landed! In two minutes he put he gangsters on the floor and he delivers thieves to police ». This witness confirm the rumor that our superhero exist. But, a lot of question stay in suspends, who is this superhero? Why a « J » on his clothes? Can we compare to Superman ?
The Absoulute Daily of South, GIMENEZ Diego

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