Speech by the new woman president

21 avril 2014

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Yesterday, the new woaman president do a speech after this election. She declared:

« We have won the election! And it, with you help! So, I thank you all! Thank you for your engagement! Thank your for your help. Now, enter in a new era. This is the changement, the renewal of this country! There will be less chomage, so more jobs and not more smuggling. We have one goal, to redress us country. For this, we will strengthen the force polices, develop again and again the tourism and we will promote the national production. We will become again the puissance that we were. I have five years to achieve this goals, and, I promise you, We will arrive! »

A speech summarizing the ideas of the president and few sentences.


The Absoulute Daily of South, GIMENEZ Diego


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