American Dream: True or false success?

22 avril 2014

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Living the american dream I don’t believe in the American Dream. First, i think it exists only for white peoples. In deed there is too much discrimination in work place, and more generally in allday life. We can’t say that black, latino or arab people have the same opportunities like white in the American continent about the Professional life, and this is called, for me, inequality. Then , it’s too much expensive to live in a comfortable room in America, like we can see in the song : « For a small fee in America » or « Twelve in a room in America ».

We can talk of inequality about job opportunities because strangers are reduced to work hard for a small salarie, like when boys say in the song: « Free to wait tables and shine shoes ». So i think that if you really wanna live the American Dream and if you are stranger, it will be very difficult. So you cannot show where you are from, like Bernardo says: « Better get rid of your accent ».

Finally i don’t believe in American Dream which is, for me, reserved to some categories of person.

Article extracted from « LaProvence » by Samuel BOUKEZZI, April 22, 2014

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